Implementing Tests

Once a test plan is done, you can start writing tests. To add new tests, imitate the pattern in neigboring tests or neighboring files. New test files must be named ending in .spec.ts.

For an example test file, see src/webgpu/examples.spec.ts. For a more complex, well-structured reference test file, see src/webgpu/api/validation/vertex_state.spec.ts.

Implement some tests and open a pull request. You can open a PR any time you’re ready for a review. (If two tests are non-trivial but independent, consider separate pull requests.)

Before uploading, you can run pre-submit checks (npm test) to make sure it will pass CI. Use npm run fix to fix linting issues.

Test Helpers

It’s best to be familiar with helpers available in the test suite for simplifying test implementations.

New test helpers can be added at any time to either of those files, or to new .ts files anywhere near the .spec.ts file where they’re used.

Documentation on existing helpers can be found in the helper index.