• Creates an info lookup object from a more nicely-formatted table.

    Note: Using as const on the arguments to this function is necessary to infer the correct type.


    const t = makeTableWithDefaults(
    { c: 'default' }, // columnRenames
    ['a', 'default', 'd'], // columnsKept
    ['a', 'b', 'c', 'd'], // columns
    [123, 456, 789, 1011], // defaults
    { // table
    foo: [1, 2, 3, 4],
    bar: [5, , , 8],
    moo: [ , 9,10, ],

    // t = {
    // foo: { a: 1, default: 3, d: 4 },
    // bar: { a: 5, default: 789, d: 8 },
    // moo: { a: 123, default: 10, d: 1011 },
    // };

    MAINTENANCE_TODO: ZipKeysWithValues<Members, Table[k], Defaults> is incorrect because Members no longer maps to Table[k]. It's not clear if this is even possible to fix because it requires mapping, not zipping. Maybe passing in a index mapping would fix it (which is gross) but if you have columnsKept as [0, 2, 3] then maybe it would be possible to generate the correct type? I don't think we can generate the map at compile time so we'd have to hand code it. Other ideas, don't generate kLimitsInfoCore and kLimitsInfoCompat where they are keys of infos. Instead, generate kLimitsInfoCoreDefaults, kLimitsInfoCoreMaximums, kLimitsInfoCoreClasses where each is just a {[k: string]: type}. Could zip those after or, maybe that suggests passing in the hard coded indices would work.

    Type Parameters

    • Members extends readonly string[]

    • DataMembers extends readonly string[]

    • Defaults extends readonly unknown[]

    • Table extends {
          [k: string]: readonly unknown[];


    • columnRenames: {
          [key: string]: string;

      the name of the column in the table that will be assigned to the 'default' property of each entry.

      • [key: string]: string
    • columnsKept: Members

      the names of properties you want in the generated lookup table. This must be a subset of the columns of the tables except for the name 'default' which is looked from the previous argument.

    • columns: DataMembers

      the names of the columns of the name

    • defaults: Defaults

      the default value by column for any element in a row of the table that is undefined

    • table: Table

      named table rows.

    Returns {
        readonly [k in keyof Table]: ResolveType<ZipKeysWithValues<Members, Table[k], Defaults>>

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