• Parameters

    • begin: number

      a negative f64 normal float value

    • end: number

      a positive f64 normal float value

    • counts: {
          neg_norm?: number;
          neg_sub?: number;
          pos_norm: number;
          pos_sub: number;
      } = ...

      structure param with 4 entries indicating the number of entries to be generated each region, entries must be 0 or greater.

      • Optional neg_norm?: number
      • Optional neg_sub?: number
      • pos_norm: number
      • pos_sub: number

    Returns number[]

    an ascending sorted array of f64 values spread over specific range of f64 normal floats

    Numbers are divided into 4 regions: negative 64-bit normals, negative 64-bit subnormals, positive 64-bit subnormals & positive 64-bit normals. Zero is included.

    Numbers are generated via taking a linear spread of the bit field representations of the values in each region. This means that number of precise f64 values between each returned value in a region should be about the same. This allows for a wide range of magnitudes to be generated, instead of being extremely biased towards the edges of the range.

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