• Check the contents of a GPUTexture by reading it back (with copyTextureToBuffer+mapAsync), then comparing the data with the data in expTexelView.

    The actual and expected texture data are both converted to the "NormalULPFromZero" format, which is a signed number representing how far the number is from zero, in ULPs, skipping subnormal numbers (where ULP is defined for float, normalized, and integer formats).


    • t: GPUTest
    • source: GPUImageCopyTexture
    • copySize_: GPUExtent3D
    • __namedParameters: {
          expTexelView: TexelView;
    • texelCompareOptions: TexelCompareOptions
    • Optional coords: Generator<Required<GPUOrigin3DDict>, any, unknown>

    Returns Promise<ErrorWithExtra | undefined>

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