The interface used for formatting strings to contain color metadata.

Use the interface properties to construct a style, then use the (s: string): string function to format the provided string with the given style.


  • Colors


bgBlack: Colors
bgBlackBright: Colors
bgBlue: Colors
bgBlueBright: Colors
bgCyan: Colors
bgCyanBright: Colors
bgGreen: Colors
bgGreenBright: Colors
bgMagenta: Colors
bgMagentaBright: Colors
bgRed: Colors
bgRedBright: Colors
bgWhite: Colors
bgWhiteBright: Colors
bgYellow: Colors
bgYellowBright: Colors
black: Colors
blackBright: Colors
blue: Colors
blueBright: Colors
bold: Colors
cyan: Colors
cyanBright: Colors
dim: Colors
enabled: boolean
gray: Colors
green: Colors
greenBright: Colors
grey: Colors
hidden: Colors
inverse: Colors
italic: Colors
magenta: Colors
magentaBright: Colors
red: Colors
redBright: Colors
reset: Colors
strikethrough: Colors
underline: Colors
white: Colors
whiteBright: Colors
yellow: Colors
yellowBright: Colors

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