TestConfig: {
    compatibility: boolean;
    enableDebugLogs: boolean;
    forceFallbackAdapter: boolean;
    frameworkDebugLog?: ((msg) => void);
    logToWebSocket: boolean;
    maxSubcasesInFlight: number;
    noRaceWithRejectOnTimeout: boolean;
    testHeartbeatCallback: (() => void);
    unrollConstEvalLoops: boolean;

Type declaration

  • compatibility: boolean

    Whether or not we're running in compatibility mode.

  • enableDebugLogs: boolean

    Enable debug-level logs (normally logged via Fixture.debug()).

  • forceFallbackAdapter: boolean

    Whether or not to request a fallback adapter.

  • Optional frameworkDebugLog?: ((msg) => void)
      • (msg): void
      • Logger for debug messages from the test framework (that can't be captured in the logs of a test).


        • msg: string

        Returns void

  • logToWebSocket: boolean

    Whether to enable the logToWebSocket function used for out-of-band test logging.

  • maxSubcasesInFlight: number
  • noRaceWithRejectOnTimeout: boolean
  • testHeartbeatCallback: (() => void)
      • (): void
      • Returns void

  • unrollConstEvalLoops: boolean

    Controls the emission of loops in constant-evaluation shaders under 'webgpu:shader,execution,expression,*' FXC is extremely slow to compile shaders with loops unrolled, where as the MSL compiler is extremely slow to compile with loops rolled.

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