Config: {
    constEvaluationMode?: ConstEvaluationMode;
    inputSource: InputSource;
    vectorize?: number;

Configuration for running a expression test

Type declaration

  • Optional constEvaluationMode?: ConstEvaluationMode

    The evaluation mode used when 'inputSource' is 'const'. If undefined, then an appropriate mode will be picked based on the input types.

  • inputSource: InputSource

    Where the input values are read from

  • Optional vectorize?: number

    If defined, scalar test cases will be packed into vectors of the given width, which must be 2, 3 or 4. Requires that all parameters of the expression overload are of a scalar type, and the return type of the expression overload is also a scalar type. If the number of test cases is not a multiple of the vector width, then the last scalar value is repeated to fill the last vector value.

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