Interface GPUPrimitiveState


  • GPUPrimitiveState


cullMode?: GPUCullMode

Defines which polygon orientation will be culled, if any.

frontFace?: GPUFrontFace

Defines which polygons are considered front-facing.

stripIndexFormat?: GPUIndexFormat

For pipelines with strip topologies (GPUPrimitiveTopology#"line-strip" or GPUPrimitiveTopology#"triangle-strip"), this determines the index buffer format and primitive restart value (GPUIndexFormat#"uint16"/0xFFFF or GPUIndexFormat#"uint32"/0xFFFFFFFF). It is not allowed on pipelines with non-strip topologies. Note: Some implementations require knowledge of the primitive restart value to compile pipeline state objects. To use a strip-topology pipeline with an indexed draw call (() or drawIndexedIndirect), this must be set, and it must match the index buffer format used with the draw call (set in setIndexBuffer). See for additional details.

The type of primitive to be constructed from the vertex inputs.

unclippedDepth?: boolean

If true, indicates that depth clipping is disabled. Requires the GPUFeatureName#"depth-clip-control" feature to be enabled.

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