Interface GPUQueue



label: string


  • Issues a copy operation of the contents of a platform image/canvas into the destination texture. This operation performs encoding into the destination encoding according to the parameters of GPUImageCopyTextureTagged. Copying into a -srgb texture results in the same texture bytes, not the same decoded values, as copying into the corresponding non--srgb format. Thus, after a copy operation, sampling the destination texture has different results depending on whether its format is -srgb, all else unchanged.


    Returns undefined

  • Returns a Promise that resolves once this queue finishes processing all the work submitted up to this moment. Resolution of this Promise implies the completion of mapAsync calls made prior to that call, on GPUBuffers last used exclusively on that queue.

    Returns Promise<undefined>

  • Schedules the execution of the command buffers by the GPU on this queue. Submitted command buffers cannot be used again. commandBuffers:


    Returns undefined

  • Issues a write operation of the provided data into a GPUBuffer.


    • buffer: GPUBuffer

      The buffer to write to.

    • bufferOffset: number

      Offset in bytes into buffer to begin writing at.

    • data: BufferSource | SharedArrayBuffer

      Data to write into buffer.

    • Optional dataOffset: number

      Offset in into data to begin writing from. Given in elements if data is a TypedArray and bytes otherwise.

    • Optional size: number

      Size of content to write from data to buffer. Given in elements if data is a TypedArray and bytes otherwise.

    Returns undefined

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