Interface GPUVertexState



buffers?: Iterable<null | GPUVertexBufferLayout>

A list of GPUVertexBufferLayouts defining the layout of the vertex attribute data in the vertex buffers used by this pipeline.

constants?: Record<string, number>

Specifies the values of pipeline-overridable constants in the shader module module. Each such pipeline-overridable constant is uniquely identified by a single pipeline-overridable constant identifier string (representing the numeric ID of the constant, if one is specified, and otherwise the constant's identifier name). WGSL names (identifiers) in source maps follow the rules defined in WGSL identifier comparison. The key of each key-value pair must equal the identifier string of one such constant. When the pipeline is executed, that constant will have the specified value. Values are specified as GPUPipelineConstantValue, which is a double. They are converted [$to WGSL type$] of the pipeline-overridable constant (bool/i32/u32/f32/f16). If conversion fails, a validation error is generated.

entryPoint?: string

The name of the function in module that this stage will use to perform its work.

The GPUShaderModule containing the code that this programmable stage will execute.

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