Interface GPUBufferBindingLayout


  • GPUBufferBindingLayout


hasDynamicOffset?: boolean

Indicates whether this binding requires a dynamic offset.

minBindingSize?: number

Indicates the minimum size of a buffer binding used with this bind point. Bindings are always validated against this size in createBindGroup. If this is not 0, pipeline creation additionally [$validating shader binding|validates$] that this value ≥ the minimum buffer binding size of the variable. If this is 0, it is ignored by pipeline creation, and instead draw/dispatch commands [$Validate encoder bind groups|validate$] that each binding in the GPUBindGroup satisfies the minimum buffer binding size of the variable. Note: Similar execution-time validation is theoretically possible for other binding-related fields specified for early validation, like sampleType and format, which currently can only be validated in pipeline creation. However, such execution-time validation could be costly or unnecessarily complex, so it is available only for minBindingSize which is expected to have the most ergonomic impact.

Indicates the type required for buffers bound to this bindings.

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