Interface GPUImageCopyExternalImage


  • GPUImageCopyExternalImage



flipY?: boolean

Describes whether the source image is vertically flipped, or not. If this option is set to true, the copy is flipped vertically: the bottom row of the source region is copied into the first row of the destination region, and so on. The origin option is still relative to the top-left corner of the source image, increasing downward.

Defines the origin of the copy - the minimum (top-left) corner of the source sub-region to copy from. Together with copySize, defines the full copy sub-region.

The source of the image copy. The copy source data is captured at the moment that copyExternalImageToTexture is issued. Source size is defined by source type, given by this table:

Source type Width Height
ImageBitmap ImageBitmap#widt | mageBitmap.width ImageBitmap#heigh | mageBitmap.height
HTMLVideoElement video/intrinsic width|intrinsic width of the frame video/intrinsic height|intrinsic height of the frame
VideoFrame VideoFrame#codedWidt | ideoFrame.codedWidth VideoFrame#codedHeigh | ideoFrame.codedHeight
HTMLCanvasElement HTMLCanvasElement#widt | TMLCanvasElement.width HTMLCanvasElement#heigh | TMLCanvasElement.height
OffscreenCanvas OffscreenCanvas#widt | ffscreenCanvas.width OffscreenCanvas#heigh | ffscreenCanvas.height

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