Interface GPURenderPipelineDescriptor



depthStencil?: GPUDepthStencilState

Describes the optional depth-stencil properties, including the testing, operations, and bias.

fragment?: GPUFragmentState

Describes the fragment shader entry point of the pipeline and its output colors. If not map/exist|provided, the mode is enabled.

label?: string

The initial value of GPUObjectBase#labe | PUObjectBase.label.

layout: GPUPipelineLayout | "auto"

The GPUPipelineLayout for this pipeline, or GPUAutoLayoutMode#"auto" to generate the pipeline layout automatically. Note: If GPUAutoLayoutMode#"auto" is used the pipeline cannot share GPUBindGroups with any other pipelines.

multisample?: GPUMultisampleState

Describes the multi-sampling properties of the pipeline.

primitive?: GPUPrimitiveState

Describes the primitive-related properties of the pipeline.

Describes the vertex shader entry point of the pipeline and its input buffer layouts.

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